How to take project photos in the AEC industry & why it’s important

In order to be successful in the AEC industry, you must stand out among the thousands of other companies. Taking project photos that are good quality and different can help catch the customers eye.

Why is it important?

First, let’s start off with talking about why it is important to have good photos to use for marketing in the AEC industry. Among thousands of other companies within this industry, you must stand out and one way by doing so is showcasing what your business has to offer through photos. It is imperative to have well taken photos of your projects to show potential clients what your business can do for them. Having quality pictures can increase your SEO (search engine optimization) and customers interest.

Before taking photos you must look at who you are taking these photos for. Your target audience is very important because they are the ones asking themselves if they should hire your business for their project(s).

Over 70% of people use social media daily so posting your business’s projects during and after are important because it catches the eye of potential clients. You want images that make the customers think to themselves, “Wow, they do a great job! I want them to work on projects for me.”

Lighting is also imperative to this process because it is what helps draw attention to things you want to show off. If you do not have good lighting, it can make it where the photo does not portray the details that you were looking to showcase. A tip to help is making sure that when photographing a tall building, make sure that the sun is in a three-quarter angle of the building rather than straight on in the sunlight. This allows for a three dimensional look to the photo.

Furthermore, make sure to not use the same angle too many times! Making sure to not use the same angle every time you take a photo, allows for a wide range of shots to use for your portfolio. It will allow for your business to properly showcase everything they have to offer in a creative way. Using different angles and being creative is key to standing out to clients.

Aerial photos are a great way of showing a project that is over several acres of land or needs to be seen from a higher point of view.

Drones are a more creative way to show off a project and are becoming more common. They allow for pictures and videos to be shot from different angles that a human could simply not do. As of right now, drones are fairly new and a lot of companies do not know how to use them to their advance which allows you to stand out if you use them.

Taking photos of the interior and exterior allows you to show the clients what you can do inside as well as outside. Many companies just take exterior photos but what they do not know is that people want to see the inside as well. The inside is just as important as the outside.

Project photos are how you showcase what your company can do! When taking these photos, make sure you have multiple different angles, nice lighting, different types of photos, during and after photos of the project and always do it in a creative way!

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