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Success with the Internet of Things Requires More Than Chasing the Cool Factor

By Maciej Kranz Many companies begin an internet of things (IoT) journey with great expectations, only to end up with disappointing business results. Gartner recently estimated that through 2018 “80% of IoT implementations will squander transformational opportunities” and fail to monetize IoT data. And a new survey by Cisco found that one-third of all completed IoT projects were not considered a success. In my experience with dozens of organizations implementing IoT solutions, those that achieved their expected ROI changed their traditional business approaches in one or more of the following ways:

They Developed a Partner Ecosystem

The essence of IoT is interconnectivity. Interconnectivity is about more...
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Why Medical Professionals Need a Marketing Agency

As we enter the digital era, doctors and medical professionals are looking to digital marketing to drive customers to into their doors. Marketing and branding is becoming a top priority for those in the medical field in order to save time, save money, and give a strong edge against the rising competition. With the advent of platforms like Yelp and WebMD, potential patients are empowered with more information, which lets them be more selective about the doctor that’s right for them. With iSpeakBusiness, medical professionals can have a successful marketing approach to build new clientele and grow their practice without...
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5 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

By Pamela Lockard The U.S. healthcare industry's ongoing transformation creates both challenges and opportunities for marketers. This transition is driven by two variables. One is the evolution from a fee-for-service payment system to a healthcare delivery model based on transparency, quality outcomes and patient satisfaction. The second is the rise of the empowered healthcare consumer. These changes affect both the "how" and the "who" of medical marketing strategies. As a result, the role of physicians as decision-makers is undergoing a transformation. The shift in decision-making power away from doctors is influenced by five key trends that every healthcare marketer should consider.

1) Doctors Becoming Employees.

In response to...
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A Full Suite of Services to Help Your Team Outperform the Rest

It’s estimated that $60 billion is spent annually by corporate America on learning and development programs. Many programs don’t work for lots of different reasons.  Sometimes the content is irrelevant.  It’s often so abstract and no one can figure out how to apply it.  Other times, the delivery is just plain boring, with an instructor lecturing to a group of people who are more engrossed with their iPhone than with becoming better leaders. This is a huge missed opportunity. Company retreats can be game-changing milestones that redefine teams, bring out the best in top and emerging leaders, and position organizations to take...
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