Monthly Archives: April 2021

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies that will help your business grow this year.

With Covid-19 affecting everything including the way of business, there are several strategies that will allow your business to continue to succeed.

1. Go about Marketing as if in-person marketing will not be available

In a perfect world, business professionals would be able to carry on like normal. Before we did not view being able to physically go to a networking event as a privilege, but now we do. Getting out of the office to enjoy a networking/marketing event was the highlight of our week. Now, it is a little different. Taking advantage of any Zoom or Microsoft Teams networking event is the closest thing we have to make those connections. In terms of marketing, social media and email marketing have peaked more than ever. Shifting your marketing to favor those aspects of marketing would benefit your business during these times. You can host virtual masterminds with experts in your niche or create webinars to educate or promote your business to end-users.

2. Invest in your website and online strategy

Perfecting your website in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be your best friend. The closer to perfect your SEO stands, the higher on the search list your website sits. That allows for more people to see your website. Take the time to ask previous clients/customers for reviews. This adds value and credibility to your business, and you can showcase that on your website. Lastly, if you do not have a blog on your website or if you do and do not update it frequently, do it! Having a blog to market your product or service, showcase knowledge, and personality will increase traffic to your website.

3. Get active on social media

During these times, more and more marketing is done on social media. It is time to find your target audience and marketing to them on the platform that makes the most sense. Not every industry will benefit from marketing on Instagram and the same goes for other platforms. Find your audience and find your best marketing strategy on social media!

4. Use your CRM and email list

For every dollar you spend on email you can expect to earn $42 in return. As mentioned, email marketing has peaked during Covid-19. Utilizing your email lists and creating personalized email campaigns is a great way to market. With a CRM, open rates, link clicks and video views are all trackable and will help you to plan for future email campaigns. If you haven’t ever used a CRM, start off by creating and maintaining an excel file. Then research to find a CRM that fits your budget and accomplishes communicating with your prospects and customers.