Is Your Website and Domain Safe? Tips to Keeping Your Website Safe and Avoiding an Unpleasant Surprise…

Is your website and domain name safe? I recently had a client reach out with frustrating news.  They went to renew their medical license to only find out it was denied because their website was down.  Their website and domain had been active for close to a decade. What happened, what caused their website to be down and their domain name gone?  The company they hired to purchase their domain and build their website went out of business and did not tell them.

Losing your domain name after it expires can be disastrous for your...

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What Should My Company Spend on Marketing?

The most common question we get asked is “What should I be spending on Marketing?” For most companies, it is important to consider the costs that will and should be covered in the marketing budget. Marketing costs include strategy, SEO, branding, building and maintaining your website, public relations, social media, digital marketing, etc. Before considering a percentage of what your company should spend on marketing, planning for the marketing budget and comparing the marketing budgets to others in the same industry might help decide what is needed in your company....
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How to Make Sure Your Business is Ranking With Your Best Content

To ensure that your business is ranking with your best content, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Improve your internal linking structure.
  • Make your information clear to your visitors and search engines as to what is important.

2. Make sure on which articles, posts or pages that you want to rank the highest.

  • These will be the pages, articles and posts that give the most information and value to your audience....
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How to take project photos in the AEC industry & why it’s important

In order to be successful in the AEC industry, you must stand out among the thousands of other companies. Taking project photos that are good quality and different can help catch the customers eye.

Why is it important?

First, let's start off with talking about why it is important to have good photos to use for marketing in the AEC industry. Among thousands of other companies within this industry, you must stand out and one way by doing so is...

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