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Since 2001, Heather Pennington has consulted with numerous companies and organizations throughout the United States. She has worked with thousands of clients and has invested over 10,000 hours in consultation.  Through her decision-focused approach, she has applied her strategic and tactical solutions to consult with organizations in the area of marketing, organizational development, strategic planning, and brand development.  Her passion and expertise are evident from the first time you meet her.  It is this energy and compilation of skill sets that drives Heather to always deliver actionable growth and change.  She has worked with International clients as well as large companies, small businesses, universities and even small start up’s.  She has touched almost every industry and is driven to provide excellence in all she does.

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Ms. Pennington graduated with her B.A from Kennesaw State University in 2001 and completes her Masters in Business, December 2016 from Kennesaw State University.  She plans to pursue her Doctorate in Business in 2017 majoring in Organizational Behavior with a minor in Industrial Psychology.  After studying in Cuba April 2015, Ms. Pennington wrote a white paper on How US Companies Should Approach Marketing in Cuba Post Embargo.  She was awarded a Global Engagement Certification for her work.  Over the last decade she has published numerous articles, been invited to speak and lecture for different groups and clubs, and continues to be recognized for her well-rounded professional career.  It is her keen understanding of multiple disciplines that establishes her expertise in the industry.  A large part of her innovative thinking stems from her past of launching her own business.  Back in 2000, she had an opportunity of a life time to compete against Duke, Yale and Harvard in the New Ventures World Competition at the University of Nebraska.  Her blueprint business plan was launched from the competition where Day Three Media, Inc. became a reality.  The real life experiences gained from launching, owning and operating a successful media company, to taking a company from brick and mortar to virtual, and then 15 years later to the sale of the business to a large firm out of Pittsburg, taught Ms. Pennington not only text book applications but real life decisions that each leader must face in the global market place.

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