How to Make Sure Your Business is Ranking With Your Best Content

To ensure that your business is ranking with your best content, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Improve your internal linking structure.
  • Make your information clear to your visitors and search engines as to what is important.

2. Make sure on which articles, posts or pages that you want to rank the highest.

  • These will be the pages, articles and posts that give the most information and value to your audience.

3. Save the articles, posts and pages as your cornerstone content.

  • Cornerstone content consist of the best articles and content on your website and those that you want your audience and search engines to see and consider.

4. Double check your list to make sure that everything you want is on there.

  • ALWAYS double check everything. Make sure that all content that is valuable and that you want to be seen is on this list. It is a very important list after all.

5. Look at the internal links that already point to your cornerstones.

  • Internal links help people and search engines find your website. They use these links to navigate your website and find the information and content they are looking for. It helps reinforce the cornerstone content you want people to see.

6. Add additional links from other related content to your cornerstones.

  • Adding other links that relate to your cornerstones will help your audience and search engines find your website and this content.

7. Evaluate and change anything that you need to improve on.

  • Evaluating and making changes constantly is always a must. To ensure that your business is growing and moving forward, you must always be looking to see if what you are doing is working for your business.

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