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Success with the Internet of Things Requires More Than Chasing the Cool Factor

By Maciej Kranz Many companies begin an internet of things (IoT) journey with great expectations, only to end up with disappointing business results. Gartner recently estimated that through 2018 “80% of IoT implementations will squander transformational opportunities” and fail to monetize IoT data. And a new survey by Cisco found that one-third of all completed IoT projects were not considered a success. In my experience with dozens of organizations implementing IoT solutions, those that achieved their expected ROI changed their traditional business approaches in one or more of the following ways:

They Developed a Partner Ecosystem

The essence of IoT is interconnectivity. Interconnectivity is about more...
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How an Analytics Mindset Changes Marketing Culture

The most significant culture shift today for marketing teams is adopting an analytical marketing approach. Change has been forced on us, due to the steady creation of new digital channels that have affected customer expectations. The problem is that while marketers are thinking differently about their data, in many cases they’re not acting differently based on what the data is telling them. At SAS, where I work, we’ve built an analytical culture by focusing on three approaches.

Using Data to Change the Status Quo

How often are you relying on gut feelings to make decisions? We all rely on it more than we care to...
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What Marketing Automation Success Looks Like

Marketing automation has dramatically increased the effectiveness and efficiency of finding, nurturing and converting customers. But there are challenging obstacles to marketing automation success. Marketing automation streamlines marketing processes to improve time-intensive tactics such as lead nurturing, the most important objective for agencies. Reaching out to individually nurture leads one at a time isn’t realistic for most companies and takes a huge amount of time for the ones that do. Marketing automation’s strength is that by segmenting leads based on interests and stage in the buying cycle, you can have a one-on-one conversation... with thousands of people at once. Obstacles to Successful...
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