New Partner to Head Up Business Development

[September 19, 2017] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

New Partner to head up Business Development
ISpeak Business
ISpeak Business is expanding, offering innovative strategies
for their clients as a business consulting firm.

[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] — [Heather Pennington] is pleased to announce expansion for ISpeak Business, a consulting firm adding an additional partner, Keith Johnson located in Atlanta Georgia.
Since 2001 Heather has been passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential. Heather spent 16 years as the founder and previous CEO of Day Three Media, a media company based in Georgia. She started her second company seven years ago as a single female owner. “These are exciting times to experience growth and bringing on a new partner that will head up our business development,” said Heather Pennington. Keith has an exceptional background helping companies drive growth in sales and revenue in the construction, real estate and engineering. His past consists of repeatedly closing multi-million dollar projects with six figure commission checks. Both Keith and Heather have consistently performed in marketing, branding & business development with 40 years of combined experience. Many diverse clients across the U.S. are a part of ISB’s portfolio.
ISpeak Business is a consulting firm specializing in Marketing, Marketing Automation, Business Development, Branding & Advertising. The firm works with businesses in all industries ranging from large to small companies, universities and startups. ISB conducts extensive research before developing a strategy for each of its clients. That strategy drives implementation, leaving out the guess work when benchmarking results.
Keith’s relationships have lasted decades forming solid relationships with clients that have formed into friendships. Through all of his experiences he will help any company from good to great. “You can never know too many people in this industry!” – Keith Johnson
ISB is ahead on the technology curve and currently uses a licensed agency grade software for marketing automation. This software opens the door to incredible results for clients. The software fully automates and tracks all marketing functions and campaigns, behavioral-based email communication, on-site web tracking, and real-time notifications for sales teams to name just a few.
Heather and Keith’s combined experience is perfect for Chief Marketing Officer’s role within multi-million dollar companies.
Contact: [Heather Pennington, Partner, ISpeak Business,

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