Cobb in Focus Magazine – March/April 2016

CIF_PenningtonLeaderProfileTHE STORY: I grew up in Melbourne, Florida, and graduated from Eau Gallie High School before moving to Atlanta in 1996. I transferred my credits from Brevard Community College to Kennesaw State University and completed my bachelor’s degree in 2001. While working on my undergrad, I had to write a business plan for an Entrepreneurship & Venture Management class. I was selected to represent KSU and compete in the New Ventures World Competition at the University of Nebraska. I competed against Duke, Yale, Harvard and several other schools. It was through that experience that I launched my business, DayThree Media in 2001.

WHY COBB COUNTY? Cobb County is distinctly different than any other county in that the citizens who make up the community are simply amazing. You have some of the brightest, most dedicated business people who are committed and come together to make a difference in all that we do on a collective basis. It feels like home and the people are what make this such a great place to work and live.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR JOB? Without a doubt, I love people and feeling like I can make a difference, whether that is helping them with their business needs or connecting people together through relationships. It is an exhilarating feeling when I see a company’s positioning before and after we have worked with them on their marketing and branding. My thoughts are always that the sky is the limit and you will only be able to achieve that in which you try. That thought mentality has proven over and over to open doors of opportunity. Back in 2013, we received our first contract internationally with a healthcare company out of the United Kingdom for a complete rebrand in the U.S. marketplace. I think I truly have the entrepreneurship blood running through my veins and certainly enjoy building things and not being afraid of new business endeavors. Failures are only failures if they knock you down and you don’t get back up, learn from them and try again.

LEISURE TIME: For all those who really know me, I have a tomboy inside of me. Outdoor excitement and adventure has carried over to an adult where I love practicing my marksmanship, driving any sorts of ATVs and seeking the thrill or the need for speed. I love reading, writing and walking the mountain. Anything outside, you won’t have to twist my arm. Dancing has always been something I enjoy and embracing different styles of dance. Recently, Zumba was added to my list of line dancing, hip-hop and salsa, and I hope to start trying some ballroom dancing.

BEST ADVICE: Advice I would give to readers is the same advice I need to be telling myself the rest of my life: Always remember the people who have helped you along your journey. Don’t ever forget that there are many people who have mentored, assisted, helped or prayed for you along your way. You would not be the person you are today without those people who have impacted you in some way. Tell people “thank you” and truly mean it!

WHAT’S NEXT? Personally, I always knew I wanted to get my master’s degree, and continuing education is very important to me. Now that I am well on my way to completing that, I am thinking a doctorate could be in the near future. Professionally, I have two big goals. One being that I started a nonprofit in 2015, Leading Next Generation, which is a year-long academy to equip our young people with life skills where they can move into independent living and become successful individuals to society. Second, I am focused on my consulting business, “iSpeakBusiness,” in which I want to help clients reach their full potential.

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