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What’s Trending in Marketing for 2017

What’s Trending in Marketing for 2017 Heather Pennington, CEO- I Speak Business Just ask people you know in different industries what they view as trending in marketing and see what response you receive. As a consultant that interfaces with a broad range of clients, it is always interesting to see how companies are keeping up with technology and remaining agile with market trends. Today’s consumer is one of the smartest, most well versed at scouring the internet for information to make an informed purchase decision. Research estimates over a 35-day period, the average consumer visits approximately 9 different websites totaling 33-35 minutes...
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Whats Next?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope 2016 has been a good year leading up to a very prosperous 2017. Many friends have asked me what is next… this year I have had some amazing milestones in my life. I sold my other business, Day Three Media, Inc. in November and just graduated with my Masters at Kennesaw State University in December.  As I prepare to kick off a new year, I wanted to answer that question that  friends have asked, “What is next?” I plan to stay involved with Day Three Media as we are making plans to launch additional television shows in...
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