Whats Next?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope 2016 has been a good year leading up to a very prosperous 2017. Many friends have asked me what is next… this year I have had some amazing milestones in my life. I sold my other business, Day Three Media, Inc. in November and just graduated with my Masters at Kennesaw State University in December.  As I prepare to kick off a new year, I wanted to answer that question that  friends have asked, “What is next?”

I plan to stay involved with Day Three Media as we are making plans to launch additional television shows in the Atlanta market and throughout the south, as well as servicing the Atlanta market. However, the thing that really makes me excited is marketing and strategy! I have seen a huge response year end from clients in various places in the US, seeking my consulting expertise through my other company, I Speak Business, LLC. I have worked in marketing, branding & business development for over 15 years. There is nothing more that excites me to see other people succeed in life. Whether that is a new venture start up or a company that has been around a long time that needs to go to the next level, being a part of building something great is where I want to focus.

As I enter into 2017, I am heavily focused on marketing strategy that is backed by research. No more guessing games when it comes to communicating to your consumer and spending money that does not convert or you cannot track! Technology has opened incredible doors when it comes to software and the information that is available to make good decisions. I have been using licensed software for other clients and the results are incredible. I encourage you as you prepare for 2017, ask yourself some of these questions…

Do I want more customers? Do I know how to find these customers on the web that are already looking for me? Are my communication channels set up and effectively working? Do I have an effective brand that speaks to my end user? Do I know how to market? Do I have a strategy in place for 2017 to grow my revenues? If you cannot answer YES to these questions, now is a good time to setup a consultation. Shoot me a message on my contact page or call me today!

Strategy is everything and knowing how to execute that strategy can either make or break your business.

Areas of focus in marketing:

  • Behavioral-based email communication
  • On-site web tracking
  • Real-time notifications for your sales team
  • Contact manager and the “life of the lead” timeline
  • Lead scoring
  • Powerful dynamic lists
  • Tracking to all campaigns & social media
  • Integrated CRM
  • Complete marketing automation to efficiently manage time & convert leads
  • Google AdWords integration
  • Shopping cart integration

Benefits of this type of Marketing… More leads, less spend… More sales, more revenue

Lets make 2017 great!  Warmest regards, Heather Pennington1c


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