What Marketing Automation Success Looks Like

Marketing automation has dramatically increased the effectiveness and efficiency of finding, nurturing and converting customers. But there are challenging obstacles to marketing automation success.

Marketing automation streamlines marketing processes to improve time-intensive tactics such as lead nurturing, the most important objective for agencies. Reaching out to individually nurture leads one at a time isn’t realistic for most companies and takes a huge amount of time for the ones that do. Marketing automation’s strength is that by segmenting leads based on interests and stage in the buying cycle, you can have a one-on-one conversation… with thousands of people at once.

Obstacles to Successful Marketing Automation

Not knowing how to take advantage of marketing automation and not having the properly skilled staff to run campaigns are the two biggest obstacles businesses face when trying to implement automation. Many businesses rely exclusively on their own resources to run automated marketing campaigns. However, it is much more effective to outsource the job of conducting marketing automation to an agency. This can be a big asset if your company doesn’t have the time or personnel to implement marketing automation (which most don’t).

Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

Acts as a Centralized Marketing Database
Marketing automation programs provide a place for all your marketing data, such as detailed prospect and client behaviors and interactions, so you’re able to segment and focus on the right message to every prospect/client. Automatically being able to track behaviors is a powerful ability, making it possible to execute pre-outlined actions based on a specific lead’s activity.

Reduced Lead Conversion Time
Because you’ll be making the sales process more effective and efficient, you’ll be able to minimize the amount of time it takes for a prospective lead to become a client.

Bring Value and Return on investment to Your Marketing Efforts
Marketing automation brings value to your varied marketing efforts and returns on your investment. Marketing Automation makes it possible for you to connect the dots between that networking event you attended 6 months ago, the promotional email you sent out last month and the profits you can expect next quarter.

In a nutshell, marketing automation empowers businesses and organizations of any size to automate, streamline and measure important workflows and marketing tasks, not only saving them time but improving operational efficiency and generating revenue much faster.

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