Why Medical Professionals Need a Marketing Agency

As we enter the digital era, doctors and medical professionals are looking to digital marketing to drive customers to into their doors. Marketing and branding is becoming a top priority for those in the medical field in order to save time, save money, and give a strong edge against the rising competition. With the advent of platforms like Yelp and WebMD, potential patients are empowered with more information, which lets them be more selective about the doctor that’s right for them. With iSpeakBusiness, medical professionals can have a successful marketing approach to build new clientele and grow their practice without the time commitment and hefty costs of having someone in-house. Here is why medical professionals should choose ISB:

1. Saving Time. It’s no myth that medical professionals are always on their feet, working hard to help others. Taking the time to focus on business-growth and marketing strategies like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social-media marketing (Yelp, Facebook, Google Business) can be a daunting challenge for the unacquainted- but it doesn’t have to be! Utilizing a marketing agency like iSpeakBusiness can save hours, while getting quality service from experts in the field.

Strategizing, developing, and executing digital marketing campaigns and programs take time. This is obvious. What’s not so obvious is the time it will take you or a staff member to manage and measure the progress of your efforts. Measuring, analyzing, and refining are at the heart of any successful marketing strategy. If you don’t have time to measure the impact of your marketing efforts, then you’ll never improve. A good marketing agency will dig through the data, refine when needed and report progress for you.

Another ‘not so obvious’ way an agency will save you time (and money) is by staying current so you don’t need to. Digital marketing changes with the wind, and staying up to date with the latest marketing best practices, search engine algorithm changes, and new social opportunities is a full-time job in and of itself. A good marketing agency will dedicate time and resources to educating their team and staying relevant so that you don’t need to waste your time figuring things out on your own and experimenting with new ideas that may or may not work.

2. Saving Money. Along with the experience that an agency can bring to the table, an agency may also have reduced rates for advertising and publishing, along with being able to design and optimize advertisements that go directly to the consumer, saving your medical practice more money.

Hiring an in-house Marketing Director for your medical practice may seem like a good idea, but one person can only do so much, no matter their skillset or experience. So beware. Hiring an agency to manage your practice’s digital marketing means you’re paying for an entire team of specialized marketers that all work together for your business interests, often for the same cost or less as a single full time salary (hiring an agency typically costs between $1,000-$5,000 per month).

You’ll have access to a larger, more diversified body of knowledge and experience by partnering with a team that can operate independently to serve your best interests; not to mention the structured processes the agency team will offer.

3. Getting Ahead of the Game. By building a brand, medical professionals can stay ahead of the rest of the competition by creating an image for their practice that consumers can feel safe and happy with choosing. According to a Google Study , 77% of smartphone owners have used their smartphone to find local health services. Smarter content wins patients. This is an incredible number to be tapped into! By setting up with an agency, medical practices can directly reach consumers and stay up to date with modern marketing practices.

Marketing has considerably more important for growing and successful businesses. Digital campaigns, SEO marketing, and branding are the most important of these, and data shows that consumers take the reputation of healthcare services into account before making a decision. By working with iSpeakBusiness, you can save time and money, reach potential clients directly, and grow your business. Contact us today to see how we can serve you!

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