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8 Tips for Attorneys to Build Your Personal Brand

A lot of people think personal branding is only useful in certain professions, but anyone can benefit from it to articulate their strengths, differentiate their unique value and leave a lasting impression that wins clients and new business. Here are some tactics attorneys can use to build their brand. 1. Create a portfolio of successes. Whether a website or print portfolio, showcase the work you’ve done in the past. Ask past clients for testimonials and get permission to use one of them as a case study. This builds trust in a world where trust is hard to come by and helps convince...
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8 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Marketing to a Consulting Agency

1. You get more than just marketing experience

What if you could have predictable, effective marketing systems that generated and nurtured sales leads? By outsourcing some of your marketing, you get marketing talent, leading-edge strategies, shared experiences, and access to advanced marketing technology. You can seamlessly synchronize the end-to-end customer experience, and touch each stage of the buying cycle with agile, timely, and relevant marketing campaigns. The marketing skills gap is very real. 75% of marketers say their lack of skills is impacting revenue in some way, and 74% say it's contributing to misalignment between the marketing and sales teams, according to Oracle. Clearly, the game is changing...
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AI Can Comb Through Your Data to Create More Compelling Customer Experiences

The world has more data than ever before. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020, we’ll produce 44 zettabytes every day. That’s equal to 44 trillion gigabytes. One gigabyte can hold the contents of enough books to cover a 30-foot-long shelf. Multiply that by 44 trillion. That’s a lot of data — too much for most companies to process. And yet front-line employees are still often left operating with data that’s “too little, too late.” Most organizations are challenged to extract meaningful insights from their customer data when they’re drowning in so many data feeds. Data is not always shared efficiently. Many...
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Top Benefits of Hiring A Marketing Consulting Firm

Let's face it, we're all busy. Do you need additional marketing help? Do you need specific expertise? Or maybe you just can't find the right talent. Here are eight ways you know it’s time to hire a marketing agency.
  1. Sales are Stagnant
  2. It’s Not Getting Done
  3. You Don’t Enjoy Marketing
  4. You’ve Realized You Don’t Have the Skills
  5. The Sales Department is Complaining of “No Good Leads”
  6. Your Marketing Results are Hit or Miss
  7. You Wonder What is Working
  8. You’d Love to Hire a Complete Marketing Team, but Lack the Budget
If any of these apply to you, then read on... Marketing teams are...
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